Jae Hanley is a Software Engineer and Product Designer who creates digital experiences in New York City

She has worked with a diverse list of clients including Vice, Goldman Sachs, Time Inc, PBS, Beatport, Adidas as well as The Obama Foundation to create products, services and interactive experiences.



Product Design & Web DevelopmentProduct Development and implementation of the livestreaming video service Beatport Live. Video playback with JW Player, site built with Backbone.js

Goldman Sachs

Web DevelopmentFront end development of a trading platform with both application and web outputs, built with React

The Obama Foundation

Web DevelopmentBuilding stories with Google Amp and a React based front end tool

Adidas Originals

Product Design & Web DevelopmentProduct Development and implementation of a 60" interactive kiosk running on HTML5 technologies


Web DevelopmentDevelopment of a vue based custom CMS frontend for the Vice platform

Time Inc

Web DevelopmentAd tech and video player support and development for web clients

Insight Catastrophe Group

Product Design & Web DevelopmentProduct iteration and client improvements for support staff and insurance agents



  • Senior Software Engineer (May 2023—Present)

As a Senior Software Engineer at Care.com, Jae works on UI platform development, enabling the creation of new features and products and the maintenance of existing ones.


  • Senior Engineer (Jun 2020—May 2023)
  • Engineer (Mar 2017—Jun 2020)

As an engineer at Postlight, Jae developed and maintained a variety of projects using web technologies ranging from custom CMS development to performant desktop applications.


  • Product Designer (Oct 2015—Mar 2017)

Spun out of SFX Entertainment, Postlight is a creative technology agency that works with clients to create software and digital experiences for their needs. Jae continued their roll as web designer in SFX as Product Designer. She worked with a variety of clients including Time Inc, Revolt, NewCo, and Insight Insurance Company

SFX Entertainment

  • Web Designer (Jul 2014—Oct 2015)

Jae worked as a product designer on Beatport Live, a video livestreaming platform for electronic music and part of the Beatport network. In addition, Jae was also responsible for a portion of the front end development for the service, most prominently on the video player utilized by the service.


  • Front End Web Developer (Aug 2013—Apr 2014)

While at Flightpath, Jae created front end interfaces for clients such as Minwax and Optimum. She introduced version control as a means of organizing and collaborating on projects in the company.

Omnigon Communications (Via Creative Circle)

  • Freelance UI Designer (Jul 2013—Aug 2013)

While serving as a freelace UI designer, Jae worked to create the interface for Sporting News for iPad, a digital magazine app.

Penguin Books (Via Creative Circle)

  • Freelance Web Designer (Jul 2013)

Jae designed & developed splash page in promotion for an upcoming young adult book series.

Creative Realities (Via Creative Circle)

  • Freelance UI Designer (Oct 2012—Jun 2013)

Jae created wireframes, UI, visual assets, and mockups, as well as developed and deployed products, as well as engaged in rapid prototyping in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.